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Play buton for mobile video playback

Real sensible buttons –
just when you need them.

Image which states Geltouch's never ending possibilities through programmability.

With our technology, keys are made physically sensible. They can appear and disappear depending on the context.


Our Technology enables ...

  • switching between numerous button layouts during an application.
  • to temporarily hide buttons you don’t need at a specific time.
  • to update and change the buttons arrangement within seconds.
Gaming & VR
Industry 4.0
More ...


Icon which describes geltouch's programmability GelTouch´s core attribute is the programmability of real sensible buttons.
Icon which describes geltouch's technological claim Local and individual activation of buttons is made possible by allowing complex interaction e.g. multi-touch.
Icon which describes geltouch's extremly thin form factor Our technology can be altered in its form factors but is also able to be as thin as a few mm.

While our technology is complex, our functional principle is quite easy.

Graphic which describes Geltouch's functional principle.

We can stiffen the gel-layer very localized, which leaves the surroundings soft. That allows the user to detect the stiffer spot easily. As soon as deactivated, the spot disappears and becomes soft again.

What we do

Icon which describes geltouch's ability to implement their technology


  • Every system, application and environment is different and requires specialized solutions.
  • We analyze your needs to seamlessly implement our GelTouch Technology to your requirements.
Icon which describes geltouch's ability to create solutions for ux design

Tactile- and UX-Design

  • The tactile sense is the fastest sense we have and it works totally different than our other senses.
  • We design the right tactile and user experience for your application, system or environment.


We are a team of haptic technologists, physical chemists, and electronic engineers with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Meet the team building the future of
tactile feedback technologies.

Our Team

Viktor Miruchna
Haptic Technologist | Entrepreneur
Paul Krause
Chemistry Nerd | Researcher
Christian Stöcklein
Technical Developer | Prototyping
René Sachse
Geeky Chemist


Our Mentors

Prof. Regine v. Klitzing
Professor of Physical Chemistry, TU Berlin
Prof. Jörg Müller
Professor of Human-Computer-Interaction, Uni. Aarhus
Prof. Reinhard Schomäcker
Professor of Chemical Engineering, TU Berlin

Partners & Sponsors

Our Story

GelTouch was initiated by Viktor wondering one day back in 2014 why there is no suitable technology enabling real sensible buttons on demand. The work on the GelTouch technology had its birthplace at the TU Berlin and resulted in an award-winning publication and was turned into the current TU Berlin Spin Off – GelTouch Technologies.

Our main motivation is our strong believe in GelTouch’s potential to be the long desired technical solution for programmable tactile feedback.


We can make this technology possible and have the detailed and interdisciplinary Know-How of physical chemistry, electronics and tactile design expertise to turn the invention into an innovation for users. As inventors of GelTouch, we can not only push the development forward fundamentally, but also change main properties at its core to increase potential applications of GelTouch soon. We know each other for a long time, worked successfully on various projects together and established a healthy, focused, professional and fast paced working environment with the flexibility necessary to ensure creative freedom.

Surrounded by strong research experts, senior business professionals and a versatile network of sponsors and partners our ChemTech-Startup is well prepared to bring the GelTouch Technology into the hands of users and consumers.

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